Questions and Answers

Q. Why are you recalling the Power Brick?
A. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we are taking this action because the Power Brick can overheat, creating a potential risk of property damage or injury.

Q. What must I do to take advantage of the recall?
A. You must go to www.powerbrickrecall.net and select a replacement product. You will also register your name and address at this website. You will then be sent a postage pre-paid mailer and a letter confirming your product selection. Return your Power Brick in the mailer and the replacement product will be sent to you. It is as simple as that.

Q. Are you going to fix my Power Brick?
A. No. We are providing you with a choice of several attractive replacement products instead.

Q. How long will it be before I get my replacement product?
A. We estimate that from the time we receive your Power Brick, it will take up to two weeks for you to receive the replacement product. We will not send any replacement product until we receive your old Power Brick, so it is important to send that back right away once you register and receive your free postage pre-paid mailer.

Q. I love my Power Brick, and it does not overheat. Do I have to return it?
A. The recall is for all Power Bricks, not just those which are overheating. You should stop using your Power Brick and return it. If you do not, you will continue to face a risk of property damage or injury.

Q. Can I return the Power Brick to the store where I bought it?
A. You are free to do this. That store will follow its own policies regarding whether to accept your return and refund your purchase price. The retail stores are not, however, providing replacement Power Bricks, nor are they able to provide you a replacement product from the list you will find at www.powerbrickrecall.net.

Q. Why can’t I just throw away my Power Brick?
A. You are free to dispose of the Power Brick. You should follow the rules that apply in your area for the disposal of lithium ion batteries, because the Power Brick contains these. We suggest that you contact your local city or county for more information. However, if you do not return the Power Brick to us, we will not be able to send you any replacement product.

Instructions on How to Participate in the Recall

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