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You may select one of the $19.99 products, or combine one $14.99 product and the $4.95 product

PSP Pelican Starter Kit


Pelican’s PSP Starter Kit comes complete with a DC car charger, 2 UMD Disk Jacket’s, UMD data cable, Pro Media Director, earphones, custom PSP skin, enhanced d-pad, lanyard, microfiber cleaning pad, and travel case.

SRP: $19.99
XBOX Pelican Blade Corded Controller

The Blade Corded Controller is a full featured controller for XBOX offering superior ergonomics and performance.

SRP: $14.99
AC/DC 2 in 1 Adapter
  Pelican's AC/DC 2 in 1 Charging Adapter allows you the convenience of charging your PSP in your home or on the go in your car. It's UL approved to assure you of safety and protection
SRP: $14.99
PSP Screen Guard - Single Pak
  Pelican's Screen Guard film covers the PSP screen to keep your gaming system clean and scratch free. Also provides anti glare protection to improve visibility in direct sunlight. 1 per pack.
SRP: $4.95

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